Linz, Austria

Linz_Austria Laura and I headed to Linz, Austria for Barbara and John's wedding. We tacked on an extra day there so we could wander around and rest a bit before heading to Salzburg. By no means are these photos truly "representative" of Linz, but they were our personal day of adventure there. We hope you enjoy.

Linz_Austria-6 Linz_Austria-5 Linz_Austria-4 Linz_Austria-2 LinzHouse Linz_Austria-3 Linz_Austria-8


You all know I craft our own rustic sourdoughs. Those loaves above are crazy inspiration for me.

We had dinner at a beer garden with a live concert going on, and the place was packed. Our waiter asked this couple below if they'd let two Americans sit in the open chairs at their table. We all nodded and smiled at each other, unable to communicate otherwise. Since I didn't know how to ask to take their photograph, I just did it while they were applauding, unaware of me.

As we listened to a waltz, I of course ordered a Stiegl and wienerschnitzel. Laura wasn't quite as "local" as me.


Linz_Austria-9 Linz_Austria-11