Lausanne, Switzerland

000068280005 In a world that may have thought we were crazy for not shooting lots with the digital cameras (we had two Nikon D700 bodies and 4 Nikon prime lenses with us for goodness sake!), we primarily used a Leica, interchanging Ilford HP2 and Fuji stocks.

So we begin with the image above, one which I find quite enchanting (and not because I'm in it). It evokes the quality of time with friends in the great outdoors, gathering around good food to take it all in, giving thanks for the many blessings we have in this life. On our first night there, our lovely and dear friends, Sarah and Jean, took us to a vineyard with an overlook of Lake Geneva for a grilled picnic.

Enjoy the rest of our time in Lausanne...

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And now we head for Austria.... More to come in a little while.

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