Aosta, Italy

Aosta_Italy I was back in Lausanne with Jean and Sarah for a few days after Laura flew home. At the end of the week, the rain was pouring and the chilly weather on June 30th wore out Sarah (who's used to a bit of dry Texas heat by then). We did the next best thing: a day trip to northern Italy. There was the hope of clear skies and 75 degrees in Aosta. First, though, we had to drive through the Alps, where it was snowing.

Aosta_Italy-11 Aosta_Italy-2

But then we arrived to nicer weather in Aosta!Aosta_Italy-12

Aosta_Italy-13 Aosta_Italy-3 Aosta_Italy-4 Aosta_Italy-5 Aosta_Italy-6 Aosta_Italy-8 Aosta Aosta_Italy-7 Aosta_Italy-9 Aosta_Italy-10

We ended the day with Pizza, Wine, Salad, and Espresso. Cheers Jean and Sarah. Cheers to Europe.

And cheers to shooting film. Using the Leica and Mamiya gave me a a great joy in the analog capture and mystery of it. I hope you all enjoyed the ride with me; now let's get back there within the next two years.