Robert Doisneau was a Gifted Photographer

Lately I've been reading through (or mostly viewing) a book of Robert Doisneau, the french street photographer. It has been an interesting read partly because his writing is frenetic and disjointed, and partly because it is amazing. His photographs in the book are quite beautiful and touching, some with hints of joy and pain, others with loud and bursting shouts. Today I thought it fitting to share a photograph along with a quote from him. Black and White Street Photographer"There are days when the simple fact of seeing seems a real joy; you feel light as a feather. You feel so rich that you want to share your bursting joy with others. The memory of those moments is the most precious thing I possess.... A hundredth of a second here, a hundredth of a second there, put together end to end; that never makes more than two or three seconds wrung from eternity."