Quality > Quantity

When you sit down and think about your wedding photography, you (and your family) have to consider how much to invest in the photographs. And before you answer that question, my advice is to remember that about a month after the wedding day, the only material things you have with you from the wedding are the rings and the photographs. In light of that, I say invest wisely.

If you have $1-2k for a photographer, then I suggest finding the best photographer possible who will come shoot for a couple hours. If you have over $4k+ then you may have more options. But again, keep in mind what type of imagery you value. Do you care about a photographer being there for your makeup and hair? Do you really want a photographer for 4 hours of dancing and reception coverage? Would you rather have a custom album with fewer hours of coverage, then a photographer at your wedding for 12 hours who only gives you a disc of images? There are amazing photographers who are happy to shoot for a total of 4 hours and cover the most important aspects of a wedding: ceremony, all the portraits, and the beginning of the reception. The key is to connect with the vision of your photographer and feel confident in their ability to deliver that vision. They're the professional (and if you don't sense they're a professional, you probably shouldn't hire them). If you find yourself sacrificing on the quality of photography only to get more quantity of hours (or more final proofs), then reconsider what you will really value when you go to look back at your wedding day 15 years from now. Trust me, you won't want to remember that you should've hired a better photographer. And I doubt you'll want to wade through hundreds of redundant reception photographs.

We have to remember that photographs primarily exist for us to remember. To remember a person, an emotion, a place, a relationship, and a certain time of life. What is it that you want to remember from your wedding?

So I say get the best photographer you can afford. If that means you've only got him for 2 hours, well at least you know you'll have some pretty darn good portraits and images from your ceremony. I firmly believe that quality of wedding photographs is always better than mere quantity of wedding photographs.

What about you. What do you think?