Our Bread Revolution

Nate Henderson, baker/photographerI have become a breadbaker. About two years ago Laura started grinding wheat to make bread (no, it's not difficult, and yes, it tastes much better and is amazingly healthful). So we've been perfectly happy and thankful for the great bread that Laura's been crafting...until a couple months back. We happen upon a relatively new bread book called Tartine Bread. It revolutionized my interest in bread baking. Before, I really just left it up to Laura. She was too stressed out to think about making bread with natural leaven (as Chad Robertson does in Tartine Bread). Making your own starter from scratch and spending ten days doing it seems a bit overwhelming when you've got two kids running around and one in the womb. So I took over.

I read the opening 100 pages to Tartine Bread and began crafting the starter. We've never looked back; every couple days, Laura's wants me to make fresh bread. I'm still perfecting the recipes because it's a slightly different process using a majority freshly milled whole wheat compared to standard white flour. But, we think it's getting there. And you just can't beat it when the only ingredients in your bread are freshly milled wheat, water, and a pinch of salt.